I say music you think music.


Of course maybe you think something different than what is there. Maybe you know and love all of these. But one came to mind first, yes?

Now what if I say dogs? You think of many things.

Your own dog
Great Dane

A breed or dog came to mind yes? I like this game. How about you?

Okay how about colors. Think of one.


These are just my guesses. Let’s get serious now. How about problems. Think of one. Some think

Car trouble
Books with sad endings
Lack of cake

And believe me, these problems are bad. But there are people who think

Eating disorder
Social “awkwardness”
Death in families

These are bad on a different level. This game isn’t as fun anymore, but let’s keep going.

How about this one: inequality.

Gay/bi/asexual/pansexual rights
Feminist vs misogynist
Authority vs “normal people”
Animal abuse
Generation vs generation

There are too many others to name. But those are the main ones right? Did one pop up?

How about tumblr. What are you thinking about now?

Angry “feminists”
Cool gifs
Angry victims of rape, discrimination…
People attacking people for no reason

Wow this “game” is getting depressing. Thanks for staying with me this far.

The point of all this is that all these problems are different for everybody. And they should be.

Just because some people are suicidal/depressed doesn’t mean that the other people don’t have problems. Just because somebody has a few spare dollars doesn’t make them horrible for wanting a but more.

That is like hating somebody because their favorite color is black but they aren’t “goth”. It offends 2 different people even if you are defending “your people”.

I think it’s not only time to understand those who have their own problems, but those who are different. Those who are “mainstream”. Those who are accepted by the accepted and those unaccepted by the unaccepted. When will be that time?

When will it happen that asking somebody their sexuality, race, or preferences on issues in the world WILL BE ABOUT THE SAME as asking what color they like or how they choose their outfits in the morning?

Even though the choices spark debate, people still respect all colors and dogs and (hopefully) fashion style.

To the people in classes:

Do you see that kid in the back of the class?

No? You don’t? Of course not, they have taken precautions so that you don’t.

Look closer.

You see them now? They are people like you. They look natural but you can tell. They are there. While you chat with friends they are on their phone, doing schoolwork, doodling…

Don’t look too close.

There’s a reason they are back there and a reason you are up here. You don’t notice them but they notice you. I promise that isn’t as creepy as you think.

They are but peaceful introverts. Quiet observers.

They are trying to find what it is you have that they don’t. Why they can’t sit in front. Why they can’t make friends. Why they don’t want to. What makes them so independent from people?

They are people watchers. They are curious. But you need to understand, they also don’t care. They simply lie in wait for you to reveal to them something. A name. A quirk. A mannerism. Anything.

To that kid in the back of the class:

Do you see the people that surround you?

Yes? You do? Of course. They have taken precautions so that you do.

Look closer.

Do you see them now? They are people like you. They look natural but you can tell. While you do your homework or text somebody, they chat with their friends around you, barely recognizing your existence.

Don’t look too close.

There is a reason you are back here and they are up there. You notice them but they don’t notice you. I promise that isn’t as creepy as you think.

They are but peaceful oblivious outroverts. Social creatures.

They are trying to find what it is they don’t see. Why they can sit in front. Why they can make friends. Why they want to. What makes them so dependent on people?

They are people pleasers. They are oblivious. But you need to understand, they also don’t care. They simply lie in wait for something to happen to them. A person. A thought. An answer. Anything.

Words Destroy

We act like words are great.
These great legendary things.
The truth is that they are good for one thing. To destroy.

Words destroy.

They destroy people.
They destroy animals.
They destroy hope.

The saddest part is that these things are what we use words to destroy.
We choose to use them to destroy our humanity.
To destroy each other.

Words can destroy a lot more than we think they can.

They can destroy racism.
They can destroy illiteracy.
They can destroy inequality.
They can destroy sadness.
They can destroy loneliness.
They can destroy the desire to end one’s life.
They can destroy bullying.
They can destroy animal cruelty.
They can destroy abuse.

So I say we use words to do what we already know how to do: destroy.

But I say let’s choose what to destroy.

And what to leave behind.